Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nothing Rhymes with Kiosk.

Short post today, but one with a horrible dilemma.  
Nothing rhymes with the word 'kiosk' (Lame!).  Really?  This is the current speed bump I've hit for what I'm writing at the moment.  Hopefully, if it works out well, I'll be able to show you guys soon what it is I'm working on, and I why I need *something* to rhyme with kiosk.  

And I found a great quote that is totally unrelated to what I just wrote, but I have to share it:

"I could not sit seriously down to write a serious romance under any other motive than to save my life; and if it were indispensable for me to keep it up and never relax into laughing at myself or at other people, I am sure I should be hung before I had finished the first chapter."

 - Jane Austen

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"There was a star danced, and under that was I born."

     I forgot I even had this blog.  How about quick catch-up on the past couple of months?  No? Too bad.
     *Booming voice: "Meanwhile, back at Cumston Hall..."

[Okay,  I didn't spend all of these past two months at Cumston Hall.  A good part of it was spent in E. Winthrop. ]
     This year,  SMASH (The Southern Maine Association of Shakespearean Homeschoolers - Yes, it's a mouthful)  put on William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.  And it was possibly one of the best performances we have had since I've joined.  If you don't know what the play is about, I suggest you go and read it.  It's now one of my favorites!
     Anyways, this year's SMASH season I got to assume the role of one of the Assistant Directors and Stage Manager, along with do what else needed to be done.  Even though it was a pretty big job (especially since our group doubled, so we had two casts!), it was possibly one of the best jobs I have ever had and I'm definitely hoping that I'll be able to use the skills that I've learned someplace else. I had two awesome co-assistant directors, Amanda and Evan, on the team with me as well and they were FANTASTIC! And I managed to mostly not lose my sanity, so there's another perk.  The only bad part? It's my last year.  But let's not think about that.
     To also add to the craziness of SMASH, I was able to throw a kind of spontaneous trip to Pennsylvania. What happened? Here is a list some of the things that happened during said trip: 
     Long van rides in a 15 passenger van with 11 people, scavenger hunts (Can you believe we didn't see a single ambulance during the whole trip?), Shakespeare Retold videos, PT (Perpetual Torment) Cruisers, crazy conversations where you have no idea what you're talking about, Just Dance,  Tanks, Krispy Kreme donuts and the ever awesome Estes. (Insert 'something' nice about J.E.)
   So along with SMASH, road trips, doing media and music for church, trying to get some school done, and a Nerf War, (If you ever get the chance to go to one, do.) I've been busy. 
     And now what am I doing? Psh, that's easy, I'm doing SMA - Oh.... :'(
     I should probably go read Petra's post on Signs and Symptoms P.P.D. or P.T.S.D. I've found myself singing 'Sigh No More' and some of the other songs from this year's play.  I need help. (Note: If you find yourself suffering from these symptons, schedule a SMASH get together.)

Here are some photos!  They aren't mine though.  I barely had any time to take photos.

Cast A!
Photo by Renditions Media.  Please DO NOT use or copy.  Thank you.
 'Hey look! A guitarist!'
'So this is what they call a mandolin player...'
Yeah, that's me with the guitar.
(This photo and the next two are from Corrie D.)
 Seth and Colin as Don Pedro of Aragon and Claudio.
 John as Antonio.
Some of the ladies from Cast B.
(Photo by Charlotte MacDonald.  Her blog.)